Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ImagineFX article

I got the opportunity to do another workshop article for the folks at ImagineFX a few weeks ago - it's in Issue #54, check it out! I think that means it'l be in stores here in the U.S. in a month or so. It also has a sweet Adam Hughes cover which makes me a little embarrassed to be in the same issue.

Here's the painting itself.


  1. Awesome work!!! Would you ever want to be a guest speaker at DigiPen?

  2. Hey thanks! Sure, I'd be up for that - shoot me an email.

  3. Great tute and fantastic blog, Mike! I enjoyed reading the tute in IFX - its always interesting to see how others handle environments.

    Thanks a lot, hope to see more from you in upcoming issues!

  4. Hey, glad you liked the article Michael! It was a good learning experience for me. : )

    And your work is really superb.