Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Republique by Camouflaj + Logan

The guys at Camouflaj here in Seattle have just launched a Kickstarter for their new game Republique - it's looking great! Check our their trailer on Kickstarter and throw in some support if you dig it.

Before signing on with Harebrained Schemes last year I had the opportunity to do a few concepts on the project for Ryan. This was very early in the process, so I doubt these pieces speak exactly to the current game - I think the general tone comes through still though.

Early Republique concept art

Early Republique concept art

Also put together this logo for them.

Camouflaj logo design

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  1. Updated the ol' website! Thanks to Snowpocalypse 2012 and being trapped in the apartment for a week.... anyway, here's some old Fallen Frontier stuff I came across while putting together the new site. Not all super portfolio-worthy but I wanted to show it somewhere. http://www.ccca-online.org/